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locksmith and keysEvery year, countless dollars in items are stolen from homes and workplaces across the nation. Repeatedly, these thefts happen in seemingly safe, well-locked houses with normal problem cylindrical or tubular locks. Unbeknownst to homeowners, standardized door preps like these can be opened by experienced lock picks without quite a lot of problem–and because they’re standardized, as soon as you understand how to open one, you know how to spread out all them. However, huge, heavy locks can be very unattractive and in particular will lead to a bad view of businesses. To solve each of these problems, we have developed the elegant, secure, Mortise Lock.

1. Security Locks
The Mortise Lock has one of the largest lock bodies available on the market, and conceals inside it numerous complicated mechanism templates. These templates are inconceivable to distinguish from the surface, making sure any potential burglar shall be frustrated and confounded by the inability to easily bypass the mechanism. Studies show that most criminals, faced with the prospect of having to spend overtime situated on the lock, will very quickly flee instead of risk neighbor’s noticing them and risking police intervention. Mortise Locks are also you can use with latches and deadbolts, for probably the most safety possible.

2. Aesthetics
The Mortise Lock has been specifically developed to stick to common templates present in the doors of each luxury homes and upscale offices. The lock’s customizable, ornamental trim appears unbelievable on both picket and metal doors, and is supplied in each antique and modern style. While the lock it provides a very big body, this isn’t noticeable from outside: as an alternative, the body rests within a “Mortise Pocket” reduce into the body of the door itself. Mortise locks can be found in an array of backset, latch, and deadbolt configurations, for any home or office. For breakage, all Mortise locks are interchangeable with each other without seen retrofit issues.

3. Simplicity of Set up
Mortise Locks can be installed by either the individual purchasing them or by a professional locksmith. All Mortise jigs and templates support the instruments needed to layer them, aside from standard set up tools. All our jigs are made with top quality machined aluminum, and therefore are constructed to stay durable in the face of heavy use. As a result of Mortise locks do not use the standardized templates of other lock producers; they are often custom-made for the particular needs of individual doors. Detailed instructions can be found on your web site for anyone wishing to put in the lock and pocket themselves.